University of Manchester

Fast Facts and Figures about the University
(Manchester, Lancashire, England)

Here are some useful facts and figures about the University of Manchester.

  • Manchester University Established / Founded: 2004
  • Locations and Campus: centre of city
  • Region: Manchester, Lancashire
  • Notable University Departments: 4 faculties Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, and Faculty of Life Sciences
  • Enrollment: over 35,500 students
  • Nationalities and Diversity: 7,400 from around 180 countries
  • Attendance at Manchester University: undergraduate - 25,700, postgraduate - 9,300
  • Number of Staff at Manchester University: around 10,500
  • Useful Manchester University Facts: over 4 million books in the university libraries and has the UK's largest students' union
  • Manchester University Societies and Clubs: over 100 clubs
  • Attractions Nearby: city centre cruises, The Urbis, Bridgewater Hall, Boddingtons Brewery, East Lancashire Railway and Fairfield Moravian Settlement

Manchester University

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