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About Manchester, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Manchester, Lancashire, England)

Manchester is located in Northern England, in a recessed area surrounded by the Pennine Moors at the north and east and the Cheshire Plain at the south. From the inner city, one can get a splendid view of the moors from the many tall buildings in the area, and many of the Victorian structures in the city centre are picturesque by themselves. This makes Manchester a favourite among tourists, along with London and Birmingham.

Manchester enjoys a thriving economy, thanks mostly to its convenient location near a number of coal reserves and a seaport at Liverpool. It is rapidly gaining a reputation as a prime European Business Centre, with increasing numbers of businesses attracted to the city every year.

What to do in Manchester

Manchester has always had an active nightlife, and it is famous for having some of the finest bars and pubs in the country. The city has a thriving music scene, and music lovers will be delighted with the many live performances staged every night. Some clubs worth checking out are Essential, Sankey's Soap, and 5th Avenue.

If you prefer a more relaxing experience, Manchester's art galleries may be more to your tastes. Manchester is as much a cultural centre as it is a nightlife hub, with several art galleries and stunning architecture around every corner. The Whitworth Art Gallery has a permanent collection of art, wallpapers, and textiles dating back from 1889, as well as year-round temporary exhibitions of contemporary art in every medium imaginable.

Tourist Attractions

Manchester's parks are a favourite for family outings, picnics, and strolls. There are over 130 parks in the city, the largest of which are the Heaton and Wythenshawe Parks. Minutes away from the bustle of the inner city, these parks are perfect for family recreation and sports such as sailing, canoeing, hiking, and cycling.

Asian tourists will feel right at home in Manchester's Chinatown, the largest in Britain. Occupying much of Faulkner and Princess Street, Chinatown has some superb restaurants and many exotic Chinese stores. Yang Sing on Princess Street is said to be one of the best in the UK.

History and architecture buffs will have a grand time exploring the streets of Manchester - every block is endowed with architectural masterpieces, and there is a bit of history behind every structure. Take a trip to Castlefield, Britain's first urban heritage park, and explore the Roman fort from which Manchester was born.

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